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Building Inspiring Spaces.

Creating a Legacy of the Finest Custom-Crafted Millwork.


Who we are at our core.


Our Mission:

To create a legacy of the finest custom-crafted millwork.

Our Vision:

To craft the most iconic millwork in the universe.

Our Values:

Distinguished Customer Value

Premier Craftsmanship

Capturing Innovative Minds

Priority Scheduling

Inspiring Excellence


Choose your scope.


WAI works with owners to develop conceptual designs. The wealth of diverse project design and management provides many unique solutions to owner's requirements. ​WAI also works with General Contractors to meet design intent in all millwork. Required changes to meet manufacturability are discussed and approved. Final designs are inked (CAD). Any needed field dimensions are obtained and the project is released to manufacturing.



With over 35 years of experience, whether it's a small, simple project or an expansive elaborate project, we can assist you from start to finish from design to implementation. ​ Looking for something fresh and that is totally you? Not into fads or trends that get outdated quickly?  We have a "think outside the box" design approach to assure that your project will truly be custom fitted to your lifestyle and will be a showcase of which you can be proud for many years to come.


Distinguished Customer Value

Premier Craftmanship

Capturing Innovative Minds

Priority Scheduling

Inspiring Excellence

About Us...

WAI Spaces

WAI brings each construction project's unique vision to life with iconic, architectural millwork -- the finished touch to both commercial and residential projects.  While WAI has a long legacy of nearly 40 years in the industry with unmatched, experienced professionals with both depth and breadth in expertise, our company has grown Build Inspiring Spaces throughout the U.S. & Canada.

As pioneers in custom-crafted, product development, WAI is carving the path to new areas of Premier Craftmanship & Priority Scheduling by introducing new technologies, efficiencies and more sustainable practices within the design and fabrication process.  Our orientation towards distinguished Customer Value & service-first delivery of the highest quality millwork, casework and metal work is what drives our Millmen.  on time and ensures our team is adaptable to serve the custom needs of each client.

WAI started its full-service millwork company in Wheaton, Illinois before opening its 15,000 square-foot fabrication plant and showroom in Oswego, Ill.  While our community-anchored roots remain a top priority, our combination of talent, new technologies and stellar service lead us into our future as we continue to Inspire Excellence & Capture Innovative Minds, Hearts & Spirits as an industry leading fabricator & installer.

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 Expand your vision.

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